Volunteers at the Marathon Classic

Volunteer registration for the 2018 Marathon Classic is now open! Sign up today to become a volunteer for one of the biggest sporting events in northwest Ohio! Work along side hundreds of volunteers as well as the world's best women golfers. 


Tournament dates are July 9-15. These choices will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.


The registration fee to volunteer is $55 and includes:

  • Callaway golf polo
  • Hat
  • Food during shift
  • Weekly Clubhouse pass
  • Weekly Parking Pass
  • Ticket to the Volunteer Party

The $15 registration applies to select committees and includes:

  • Marathon Classic T-Shirt
  • Hat
  • Food during shift
  • Weekly Grounds Pass
  • Weekly Parking Pass
  • Ticket to the Volunteer Party

Volunteer polos will be provided by Callaway.  You will also be able to upgrade your hat choice to a sun hat for an additional cost.  Picture of the volunteer uniform shown below.


Volunteer opportunities including a brief job description are listed below.  All jobs are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have any questions please contact the tournament office at 419-531-3277.

 Volunteer Registration


Operation committees are responsible for ensuring tournament play proceeds in a timely and professional manner. 

SCORING CONTROL: Responsible for relaying and verifying player scores, requests rulings, report interval violations and requests emergency services from First Aid. ($55 volunteer package/Monday-Sunday shifts available – No TUESDAY shifts)

SPECTATOR INFORMATION: Manage and operate all manual scoreboards.  ($15 or $55 volunteer package/Thursday-Sunday shifts available)            

STANDARD BEARERS: Carry a sign inside the ropes during play and display players’ scores.  Volunteers must be able to walk all 18 holes on the golf course. (17 and under - $15 volunteer package, adults - $55 volunteer package - No TUESDAY shifts)                                

WALKING SCORERS: Responsibilities include keeping score on handheld Palm device and reporting scores to scoring control by radio.  Volunteers must be able to walk a full 18 holes in all types of weather conditions. ($55 volunteer package – No MONDAY or TUESDAY shifts)

RUNNERS:  Pick-up score sheet from walking scorer and take it for copying. (17 and under. -$15 volunteer package, adults-$55 volunteer package – Thursday-Sunday shifts available)

MARSHALS:  Provide ball spotting to players and control the movement and conversations of spectators; on-course active position.  Also the committee is responsible for handling the movement of the players during an evacuation.  Requirements:  Must be able to stand for long periods of time. ($55 volunteer package)



Player Services committees are responsible for ensuring the needs of the LPGA players are met.

LOCKER ROOM: Provides access to lockers and distributes mail and messages to LPGA pros. ($55 volunteer package/Monday-Sunday shifts available; women only) 

FOOD SERVICES: Staffs and supervises players grill and meal count. ($55 volunteer package/Monday-Sunday shifts available; women only)

TRANSPORTATION: Manage tournament cars and transport players and tournament guests from airport to designated hotel or course.  Volunteer Requirements:  Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age. ($55 volunteer package Sunday-Sunday shifts available; 21 years of age or older)

ON-COURSE REFRESHMENTS:  Replenish water and ice along with other products on course.  ($15 volunteer package – Sunday – Sunday)



Spectator Services committees are responsible for planning and providing high quality cost effective parking, bussing and security services.

CLUBHOUSE ADMISSION:  Checks credentials on the patio and other entry ways into the clubhouse.  Making sure everyone has the proper credentials.  ($55 volunteer package/Monday-Sunday shifts available)                              

VALET PARKING: Provides valet parking for Pro-Am participants. ($15 volunteer package - Monday & Wednesday only; 21 years of age or older)                            

SHUTTLE SERVICE: Provides shuttle service for spectators, directors, chairmen and others from Parking Lot C and Lot D. ($15 volunteer package - Monday-Sunday shifts available; 21 years of age or older)

PUBLIC INFORMATION TENT/ PAIRINGS DISTRITBUTION: Provides general player and course information to the spectators and distributes pairing sheets. ($15 or $55 volunteer package/Monday-Sunday shifts available)            

GREETERS:  Greets spectators at main gate and checks credentials. ($15 or $55 volunteer package – Monday-Sunday shifts available) 



Grounds committees are responsible for physical changes including construction of temporary on-course structures, placement of informational signs, refuse collection, plus set-up and tear-down of tables/chairs, roping and fencing. 

TABLES/CHAIRS: Responsible for set up and tear down of all tables/chairs needed on site during Tournament week. ($15 volunteer package/ Sunday, July 10 – Monday, July 18 shifts available)              


Volunteer Services committees are responsible for all areas dealing directly with volunteer needs.

VOLUNTEER TENT: Assists in distribution and replenishment of Volunteer Tent snacks during Tournament. ($55 volunteer package/Monday-Sunday shifts available)



Sponsor Services committees are responsible for ensuring that needs of the sponsors and their guests are met during Tournament week.

WILL CALL: Off site location for players, spectators, and sponsors to pick up and drop off credentials ($55 volunteer package/Monday-Sunday shifts available)

SKYBOX SECURITY: Provide security and monitor activity inside the skyboxes on holes 14 & 18. ($55 volunteer package/Thursday - Sunday shifts only)

CLUBHOUSE HOSPITALITY: Supervises sponsors and guest registration to Clubhouse Hospitality. ($55 volunteer package/Thursday - Sunday shifts only)                                                

SKYBOX/HOSPITALITY ENTRY CHECK-IN: Responsible for checking credentials in the Skybox, Champion’s Tent and Clubhouse Hospitality area.  ($55 volunteer package/Thursday - Sunday shifts only.)

CHAMPION’S TENT: Registers sponsors and guests, assists with any needs and oversees the caterer’s upkeep of the food and tent area. ($55 volunteer package/Thursday - Sunday shifts available)



Media committees are responsible for working with media and LPGA media staff.                              

MEDIA ROOM:  Assist in the operations of the media center.  Responsibilities include registering the media, answering questions, assisting with interviews, distributing information and scores. ($55 volunteer package/Monday-Sunday shifts available)

TV SPOTTERS:  Assist the Golf Channel in a volunteer capacity to work as spotters, scorers and microphone holders.  ($55 volunteer package/Wednesday-Sunday shifts available)




Countdown til tournament July 9-15

During the Marathon Classic, all leaderboard statistics will be updated in real time. Check back often to see how your favorite ladies are measuring up and to lend some encouragement. #MarathonClassic