Awakening Minds Art, founded in 2009, is a nonprofit organization that provides therapeutic, educational and developmental programs to all age and all abilities.  Utilizing art as a vehicle, non-art related goals that aid in an individual’s success outside of the studio are the ultimate focus for each and every student.  Goals often relate to Visual Art education, Academic IEP goals, fine/gross motor goals, behavioral goals and more.  Programming is designed for the entire lifespan (all ages) and for typically developing or developmentally delated (all abilities), often integrating the populations.  Instructors travel to 18 counties in Northwest Ohio to nursing homes, hospitals, rehab centers, schools, day-hab centers & more to provide a wide variety of services.   Instructors also provide programs inside of our three studios located in Findlay (home office), Lima & Leipsic.   On average, Awakening Minds Art services 1,000 individuals per month!


Countdown til tournament July 8-14

During the Marathon Classic, all leaderboard statistics will be updated in real time. Check back often to see how your favorite ladies are measuring up and to lend some encouragement. #MarathonClassic