2018 Women's Summit Announces Speakers

This year’s Marathon Classic Women’s Summit will host 420 area businesswomen from Northwest Ohio on Tuesday of tournament week. The theme for this inspirational event is “Connecting Fore Impact” and will focus on connecting with oneself and others to lead a fulfilling and balanced life. The Women’s Summit will feature keynote speaker, Hannah Storm, from ESPN. She will be joined by American author and business woman, Mallika Chopra, who specializes in meditation. We are also excited to have Marathon Classic defending champion, I.K. Kim, speak about the benefits of meditation in her life on and off the course.


Hannah Storm has anchored and co-hosted for many major events around the United States. These events include the U.S. Open, NBA Finals, Super Bowl, NCAA College Football National Championship, and many more. Not only is Storm a TV anchor, but she also is an advocate for children’s issues and a published author. Storm is a graduate of the University of Norte Dame and the mother of three daughters with her husband, Dan Hicks of NBC Sports.


Mallika Chopra is the founder of Intent.com, a platform focused on personal, social and global wellness. Chopra’s writing and work have been featured in many publications including Time.com, Self Magazine, Women’s Health and more. Her most recently published book is Living With Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy. Chopra enjoys speaking to audiences around the world, and has spoken with many companies such as Disney, LinkedIn and Google.


The day will conclude with a meditation session led by Mallika Chopra for all Women’s Summit participants. It will be a powerful finish to the day, reminding all women to “Connect Fore Impact” in every aspect of their lives.


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Countdown til tournament July 8-14

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